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I created this course for you

Move from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed

The Caregiver's Journey - The self-paced online course for non-professional caregivers. More than 150 segments and supporting resources, each brief and focused on one specific topic.

Course Launches September 27th

Have you ever felt frustrated, overwhelmed - and yes, sometimes frightened - in your caregiving journey?

Have you ever wondered what to do and had no idea?

You're not alone.

I created The Caregiver's Journey Online Course for you.

As caregivers, we're busy and we don't have much time! In this self-paced course you'll find:

  • Short, direct videos guiding you with lessons, tips, strategies, and stories from my nearly 40 years of experience as a non-professional caregiver - and from others on their journeys.
  • Topics designed to take in any order. They're for you based on what you need on your caregiving journey now.
  • Key topics accompanied by checklists, worksheets, guides, and other resources to support you.

You'll be guided through the five phases of your caregiving journey:

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The Caregiver's Primer™ - What to do when you see caregiving on your horizon and when your journey first begins.

The Journey Begins With Me - Understanding yourself in a meaningful way so your personality, beliefs, values, and purpose support - not sabotage - you.

Navigating Your Caregiving Journey - Navigate the experiences of your everyday journey, throughout your journey with your care receiver and those around you.

The Grace of Grief™- Navigating grief in a healthy way during and after your caregiving journey so you process and don’t get stuck in grief.

Moving Forward - Reawakening and/or recreating who you are now that your caregiving journey has ended. Embracing and learning to live your best life feeling good about yourself as you move forward.

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As part of my passion to help as many people as possible, I’m keeping your financial investment very simple - an annual license of $129 per caregiver - whether for individuals or organizations.

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