Emerge Logo

The lotus is the symbol for Emerge. The incredibly beautiful lotus flower blooms cleanly - from the mud! They only grow in swampy areas. Have you ever felt like you were as 'clear as mud' in your life? Uncertainty, struggling, the messy middle, frustration. I know I have. 

We don't realize this is actually a powerful place for us to be. When we give ourselves grace and recognize this is happening for us - shaking us out of status quo or having us decide we're not going to live like this anymore, we become open to exploring - through unquenchable curiosity - what else is possible.

We emerge to who we're meant to be and bring this to all areas of our lives. Our emotions shift to feeling great about ourselves and fulfilled from our contributions. 

"Discover your 'who', so you can connect with your 'why' and live your best life. Fortunately, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we’ve had the power all along." Sue Ryan